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Cheryl Rubin at Monet's Gardens in Giverny, France, August 2015.

Cheryl Rubin
Artist Statement

January 2023

My expressive and active approach to painting plays out on the canvas through the process of discovery. While I may start a painting with a specific concept, an intense encounter plays out as I challenge myself to search for the unknown and create a personal universe of motion and energy. Through layer upon layer of alterations, my paintings show the result of a battle between my creative exploration, intuition and observation.

My current painting process includes pouring paint with gestural motions onto substrates and pressing the imagery onto the painting. I have to consider the image in reverse when I make it. This process enables me to press the paint into dynamic shapes with texture and an organic edge and its similarity to a mono print also connects me to my late father’s career in the printing industry.


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