Cheryl Rubin at Monet's Gardens in Giverny, France, August 2015.

Cheryl Rubin
Artist Statement

August 2022

My expressive approach plays out on the canvas through the process of discovery. While I may start a painting with a specific concept, an encounter plays out as I challenge myself and the viewer in the search for the right visual rhythm. Through layer upon layer of alterations my paintings show the result of the battle between my intuition, creative exploration and observation.

Painting is a very active process for me. My current paintings show the influence of the classic jazz music I listen to while I paint. I place the canvas on the floor and move around the painting as I pour paint and press the paint down with paper or canvas.  I also pour paint onto paper or other canvases and then press the image onto the canvas I am working on, often wrestling with large pieces of canvas. It's a physical dance and visual response to not only the music I am hearing and what is on my mind but what I am seeing play out on the canvas.