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Cheryl Rubin at Monet's Gardens in Giverny, France, August 2015.

Cheryl Rubin
Artist Statement


June 2023

Cheryl Rubin is a non representational painter exploring the movement of color, line and form to create worlds of explosive energy. Searching for rhythms, harmony and unknown forms, Cheryl’s paintings show her process of visual exploration through additive and subtractive layers of drawing and action painting. Her paintings reveal the result of the battle between observation, intuition and excavation as she works to bring a unique visual world into existence filled with bold invention.

Cheryl's current painting process includes a connection to her late father's career in the printing industry. She often pours paint with gestural motions onto substrates and presses the imagery into the painting. Challenged to create the image in reverse before pressing, the process enables her to create dynamic shapes with texture and an organic edge that provides an additional vitality to the painting. 


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